Becoming a Freemason

Freemasons North Queensland wishes to welcome all adult men no matter their profession, colour, age or religious persuasion. We are ready to nurture the next generation of Freemasons whose calling it is, to take the values and Masonic traditions of yesteryear into the future.     

Who can join?

Those inspired to join the Craft are asked to get in touch. Any male 18 years and over, who believes in a Supreme Being can seek to join the Craft. He must reach this decision of his own accord and not be pressured into becoming a member.

The age-old method of securing new members has been to, ‘Ask one to be one’. However, our online form is available for those that don’ know any Freemasons. Similarly, a potential member can be nominated to join by a Freemason.

Following your initial enquiry, you will be asked to provide the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland with more information so that a decision can be reached about your suitability to join. They will be looking to determine if you are an upstanding citizen and of good character.

Start the conversation today! 

Joining requirements

It is now a requirement that all new members provide a National Police Certificate upon joining. 


Steps to become a Freemason

What is Incumbent upon every Freemason?


Generally, Lodge meetings are held once a month. To get the most out of Freemasonry, members should try to attend meetings as often as possible. Most take few hours at a time and are held in the evenings. Lodges also arrange volunteer and charitable work from time to time. 

Code of conduct

Act in accordance with a code of integrity, dignity and responsible behaviour. 

Annual fees

Following an initial joining fee, members are required to pay an annual fee to meet costs. These fees are very affordable.


All rituals and Lodge matters are to be kept confidential. It should be known that our ceremonies don’t contain anything that is inappropriate or unethical as this would be contrary to our moral code.