Freemasons of North Queensland have for over a century worked to better themselves and support the community

Improving oneself and being of service to others

Freemasonry calls for a commitment to improving oneself and making a difference in the community. It provides the ideal environment for mateship, mentoring, charity and leadership skills to be cultivated.  

Men from all walks of life make up the Freemasons of the North Queensland District. Holden under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, today the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland governs 21 individual Lodges (groups).

To become a Freemason, belief in a Supreme Being is essential, as well as being a person of good moral standing. While some rituals have elements that can be linked to any faith, Freemasonry is not a religious institution nor is it a cult.

The organisation has long believed that everyone is equal. Thus the organisation is open to all races, cultures or complexions. We also believe that the potential to make a difference lies in every adult male.

In short, the impact of Freemasonry is far-reaching, with members embarking on a journey to improve themselves, be good citizens and promote charitable causes. 

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The North Queensland Freemasons welcome brothers of all ages, backgrounds and cultures

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